Poll: Europe - Succeeding Together
Opinions on the End of the German EU Presidency 2007
With the Slogan "Europe – succeeding together", the German EU Council Presidency began and ended. On July 1st  2007, Angela Merkel officially passed the torch to Portugal. But which traces did the presidency leave in the minds of Europeans? Youngstars interviewed young people from all over the EU to find out.

Teodora Teneva, 25, from Haskovo/Bulgaria:
"Two things I will keep in mind about the German presidency. First the roaming decree leading to a lowering of charges for the use of mobile phones abroad, second the environment policy. The fixing of mileage limits for passenger cars in particular."

Jan Frieders, 27, from Aachen/Germany:
  "I get mixed feelings when looking at the results of the German council presidency. The last-minute accomplishment of the EU reform treaty should probably be seen as a success, but finally some European heads of government were too indulgent. Because, in my opinion, the reactions on the insolent polish demands concerning the treaty should have been more rigorous. Clear words would have been appropiate. Furthermore I would have liked to see the Council Presidency achieve bigger progress in environment matters."

Bettina Sökeland, 23, from Cologne/Germany:
"Most things I know about the presidency I learned from the media. Positive things I kept in mind were the German  contribution to the EU reform and the struggle against climate change. To me it seems as if the presidency managed to break the deadlock for many important issues. I think the presidency improved the general German attitude
towards the European Union."

Gregory McKenzie Elson, 27, from Innsbruck/Austria:
"Europe has won transparency. The effícient function of the German council presidency contributed to this. The way I see it, International Roaming is an example how practicable the EU has become. It clearly shows that Europe coalesces. The borders one gradually ceases to feel anyway also cease to exist in the phone net."