Youth in Action – European Youth Moving
The European youth program is almost complete: Until the end of 2013, Brussels provides 885 million Euro altogether for youth groups, non-profit associations and facilities of youth work in 31 countries. The new program "youth in action" carries on the intentions of its forerunner "youth": Making young people experience European citizen's awareness, practise solidarity and tolerance among each other, develop an understanding for foreign countries and cultures and thus contribute to a united Europe.

This is the very topic of this edition of youngstars which is already the fourth one published by the Federation of Protestant Youth in the Federal Republic of Germany (aej): Six young people from Germany and England gathered to approach the issue of European youth politics with their respective views and considerations. After a four-day-long editorial seminar at the protestant training centre "Hackhauser Hof"/Solingen where preliminary considerations and agreements were made, the six participants at the age of 19 to 27 wrote their articles and reports back home. The scope of their topics reflects the current interests of the juveniles: They deal with matters of globalisation and climate change, the participation of young people in European politics and their educational opportunities.

So youngstars exactly corresponds to the approach of Youth in Action – supporting European cooperation in the youth domain.

But what is also possible for young Europeans through "Youth in Action”?

The program "Youth in Action" first and foremost supports youth initiatives, youth congresses and the European Volunteer Service. The qualifications acquired during the projects will be certified Europe-wide in a Youthpass (see article p. 11) in the future. "Youth in action" gives a fresh impetus by setting more flexible age limits with which the EU aims to include more young people in the program. Instead of 15- to 25-year-old hitherto, 13- to 30- year-old can participate in most actions.

Overall there are five fields of action in which activities can be accomplished and financed within the framework of "Youth in Action":
  • field 1: Youth for Europe
  • field 2: European Volunteer Service
  • field 3: Youth Around the World (cooperation with neighbouring and other countries)
  • field 4: support systems for young people (aid for facilities active in the youth field on an European level; European Youth Forum, education and crosslinking of actors in youth work, projects for the development of innovation and quality, information measures for young people in youth work)
  • field 5: support of European cooperation in the youth field (pan-European youth seminars and events, support of activities for improved understanding and knowledge acquisition in the youth field)